KY Tenants urge Tenants’ Bill of Rights ahead of Fayette Urban County Council meeting

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — Ahead of Thursday’s Fayette Urban County Council meeting, a coalition alongside KY Tenants continues to demand a Tenants’ Bill of Rights, holding a rally on Wednesday near the Veridian Apartments to make their voices heard.

“I have been concerned that at any moment I’m going to come home and have a notice on my door that I need to leave,” says Heather Pechatsko who resides at the Veridian.

Some residents at the apartments are still dealing with the aftermath of the winter storm that hit Lexington back in December. For several days, some were left without water on Christmas Eve, and since then, things have only gotten worse.

“At some point, or the day after Christmas, they tried to turn it on. And some pipes burst. And that’s when I started getting all the water damage to the drywall into the carpet. The closet,  it ruined the couch,” added Michael Richardson, another resident at the Veridian who needs to vacate in 14 days.

“I came home on the 24th from work around 6:30 p.m. I used the restroom when I came in, and the toilet flushed, I went to go wash my hands and the water was off. I’ve had issues with like my water turning off sporadically. So I thought that that may have been what it was,” also said Heather.

Some residents are concerned with what they’ve called a lack of communication. Adding that what came next, is presenting even more challenges now.

“They are terminating the lease, according to the agreement, it’s legal for them to do that, in order to do repairs that they think are extensive. So I have 14 days to find a new apartment. I’ve already started looking and it’s going to be expensive. And just even the process of moving is going to be expensive. And you know, this is after my rent has gone up $200 after the first year here, you know, I had to sell my or trade my car and for something with a lower payment just to be able to afford rent,” adds Richardson.

Pechatsko says the apartment offered gallon jugs of water and opened some vacant units to use to shower and for the toilets.

“On Friday the 30th [of December] I took a copy of my signed lease agreement to the office and met with two office staff. I was again told by one woman that they would not provide any concessions on rent, or allow early lease termination without penalty because this was an act of God,” said Heather who still has her lease until July.

KY Tenants are urging a Tenants’ Bill of Rights to be considered at the next Urban County Council meeting on Thursday.

“It’s frustrating, I don’t feel like we were treated like humans,” said Richardson.

We reached out to the Veridian Apartments and their attorney and have yet to hear back.

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