“Kristara’s Day”: Single moms struggling with addiction

Frankfort recognizes November 16th as "Kristara's Day" in remembrance of Kristara Amey.

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – A single mother who died from an overdose is being remembered as the city of Frankfort proclaimed November 16th to be “Kristara’s Day”, as part of an effort to raise awareness about single mom’s battling addiction and the help that’s out there.

Those who knew her describe Kristara Amey as full of life, vibrant and outgoing. She was a single mother to two boys and struggled with addiction. Sadly, her battle with addiction ended in overdose in November of 2020.

“Being isolated is the worst thing you can do to an addict, and that is what COVID has done to a lot of people,” says Brittany Campbell, founder of Strengthening Transformations. “So they’re coping- a lot of people’s coping mechanism is to run to their addiction.”

Frankfort mayor Layne Wilkerson signed a proclamation recognizing November 16th, Kristara’s birthday, as “Kristara’s Day” in Frankfort. Strengthening Transformations is a non-profit started by one of Kristara’s childhood friends, Brittany Campbell. Campbell says the organization is dedicated to helping women like Kristara.

“There’s so many Kristara’s that are living. There’s so many single mothers struggling with substance abuse, I mean we just want to make a light of that to never let Krissy’s light dim,” says Campbell.

Strengthening Transformations held an event in Frankfort Tuesday to honor the first “Kristara’s Day”, where Star Awards were presented to women who struggled with addiction, but are now in active recovery.

“This day which we have honored two beautiful women that are helping other women that are in active addiction and they are now in active recovery,” says Campbell.

Kristara’s family joined Strengthening Transformations for the inaugural “Kristara’s Day”, and while it was emotional, they say it brings them pure joy to see Kristara remembered in a way that will help women suffering like her.

“It’s a hard, hard struggle and for the most part, you- there’s not a lot you can do but continue to let them know that you love them and that you care about them,” says Christena Amey, Kristara’s mom.

“Don’t ever give up on anyone, keep pressing, keep trying, try to understand,” says William Amey, Kristara’s dad.

To learn more about Strengthening Transformations, visit their website at www.strengtheningtransformations.org.

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