Kentucky lawmakers gear up for general election following voter registration flip

A report from the Kentucky State Board of Elections released a report last Friday that the Republican party had registered more voters than the Democratic party for the first time in state history.
Voter Flip

FRANKFORT, Ky (WTVQ)- Kentucky Republican party leaders continue to point to their work, both past and present, as the big reason for last week’s voter registration flip.

A report from the Kentucky State Board of Elections released a report last Friday that the Republican party had registered more voters than the Democratic party for the first time in state history.

On Thursday, state GOP leaders celebrated the achievement during a press conference in the Capitol Rotunda, sharing enthusiasm ahead of what’s sure to elevate the debate for the fall campaign season and beyond.

“Last week’s report confirms that the republican party is Kentucky’s party,” said party chairman Mac Brown.

Brown joined past chairs and other party leaders, claiming Kentuckians are now siding with the state’s republican party and their policies.

The party is now gearing up for November’s general election and key races, including Rand Paul’s Senate race against Charles Booker.

“We’re making sure that our candidates have everything that they need in terms of door-knocking resources, that they’re fundraising, that they are out there making the case that the republican party is the best party to represent them here in Frankfort and in Washington D.C,” said Sean Southard, the director of communications for the Kentucky Republican Party.

Next year’s gubernatorial race is also on the horizon.

“We look forward to once we have a nominee in 2023, making that case and convincing Kentucky voters that the republican nominee should be the governor in 2023,” said Southard.

Democratic Governor Andy Beshear responded to the voter flip in his Team Kentucky update, encouraging unity from both parties going forward.

“I think what that says is we need to get along. We shouldn’t be out there flexing, talking about whose dominant. We ought to be trying to get along. I’m tired of team democrat and team republican. I just wanna be a part of team Kentucky,” said Governor Beshear.

Speaker of the House Republican Representative David Osborne said he doesn’t believe the voter flip will have a direct impact on any specific election.

“I think is what it does is it symbolizes or shows that the people of Kentucky are now comfortable after generation after generation after generation not being comfortable with being Republican. people are now comfortable with that and they are not committed to growing that party. and they’re comfortable with the policies that we are passing,” said Rep. Osborne. “We are always committed to making good long-term policy, but we are never 100% sure how that is perceived in the public. And you want to make sure it is perceived in the best light. But you also want honest, legitimate feedback on those things. and we want to make sure the things that we are doing are actually the best things for Kentucky and I think as you see more people registering in Kentucky, that is affirming that the policies we are putting in place are in fact making people’s lives here in Kentucky better.”

Osborne went on to say “When we took the majority, it wasn’t just about whether you had an R or a D by the side of your name, it had to do with making meaningful change. We’ve done that. We’ve made meaningful change in the face of opposition often times. And i think as we continue to make those changes and be successful with the end result, I think that that has again affirmed people’s decision to empower us as the majority party in Kentucky and the majority party here in the legislature.”

The Kentucky Democratic Party released a statement following Thursday’s press conference. Chairman Colmon Elridge saying quote:

“Kentucky Democrats are fighting for working families and responding to the urgent needs of our communities. Gov. Andy Beshear has delivered record job creation and much-needed investments in our infrastructure. In contrast, Republicans are blocking common-sense proposals like expanded gaming and medical marijuana, cutting off food assistance programs—and trafficking in dangerous and hateful rhetoric. The difference couldn’t be clearer and shows why a strong majority of Kentuckians approve of Gov. Beshear.”

For voters, now it’s all eyes on candidates ahead of the fall campaign season.
Governor Beshear also said he plans to endorse Democratic senate candidate Charles Booker when it comes time.

You can view the upcoming Kentucky election information here.

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