Kentucky Democrats to appeal ruling in redistricting case

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Kentucky Democrats say they’re taking the next steps in their redistricting fight.

They said Wednesday that includes asking the state’s highest court to immediately take up their lawsuit.

The suit challenges new Republican-drawn boundaries for legislative and congressional districts.

A statement from the Kentucky Democratic Party says the following:

“We are continuing our fight to stop the partisan gerrymandering of the GOP supermajority and are appealing this case to stop extreme Republicans from slicing up cities and counties every 10 years to put political gain above the best interests of Kentuckians. The court was clear these districts were partisan gerrymanders, which dilute the votes of hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians. As evidenced by the election, the Republican majority worked behind closed doors to draw districts that cut up communities for partisan gain to beat incumbents they couldn’t beat on a fair playing field. If this isn’t stopped now, Republicans will only grow bolder in their partisan gerrymandering in coming decades allowing Frankfort politicians to decide who they represent, picking easier paths to power and reelection, rather than allowing Kentuckians to decide who represents them.”

The moves to appeal come about three weeks after a circuit judge ruled the new congressional and state House maps did not violate the state constitution.

The state Democratic Party says a notice of appeal was being filed with the Court of Appeals.

In a separate motion, Democrats said they’re asking the state Supreme Court to take up the case immediately.

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