Kentucky Blood Center around only half-day blood supply

The Kentucky Blood Center says a comfortable level is a three-day supply

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Kentucky Blood Center (KBC) says a comfortable blood supply level is about three-days worth, something central Kentucky is desperately beneath.

“We’re right in that between a half day and one day supply right now,” says Mandy Brajuha, KBC Vice President of external relations. “The blood that’s on the shelves when an accident or tragedy happens, it’s going to save people’s lives. Oftentimes, people want to wait to respond until after that tragedy’s happened so we just encourage people, don’t wait until there’s something big on the news to run in and donate blood. We want to make sure that blood is there when that patient needs it.”

According to the blood center, it takes 400 people donating a pint of blood a day to maintain a three-day supply. But, KBC says it has been seeing well-below that number.

The blood center says most people in good health 17 and older are able to donate blood and 16-year-olds can give with parent permission.

“I always say to people, don’t leave it up to someone else and don’t assume someone else is going to donate in your place,” says Brajuha. “There’s not a lot of other ways that most of us common people can be lifesavers, but this is a way you can up to three lives in just an hour of your time.”

KBC says its blood supply goes directly to 70 local hospitals. It says typically holiday weekends lead to more trauma events needing blood in the ER, so having good donation days to build up the supply beforehand is vital.

“We’re doing our due diligence to make sure that we have a healthy blood supply so the hospitals aren’t having to make difficult decisions,” says Brajuha.

KBC says if you donate blood before September 10th, you’ll be entered into the Summer Getaway Giveaway to win a brand new Toyota RAV4. You can learn more about how to make an appointment and find the closest center to you HERE.

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