Jessamine Co. Homeless Coalition hosts free thanksgiving dinner for the community

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky.  (WTVQ) — A community comes together on Thanksgiving eve in Jessamine County, all to give back to the tight-knit community.

The Jessamine County Homeless Coalition organized a free community thanksgiving dinner at the public library on Wednesday.

Those who helped organize the event says its great to see the volunteers come and donate their time but also be able to greet and show those coming to dinner that the community loves one another.

Johnny Templin the executive director of the Jessamine County Homeless Coalition spoke on the event.

“It’s very great that the interaction is a community coming together to pull this off. There’s nobody here getting paid for any of this. And we pull it together with with today’s about 120 volunteers and seeing this all come together like that, for this one evening to make it happen. It’s just so unreal,” said Templin.

Johnathan Stidham the lead pastor at Christ Embassy also said, “love is actually a reciprocal thing is not just handing something and going away, it’s actually fellowshipping. Knowing the person, there’s every need has a person behind it. And so that’s the value of actually doing this as a community effort is actually seeing the person loving on the people that have the need that you’re meeting. And so when we came in here, and we got to love on the people, we’re getting to fellowship and handout food, it made all the world of difference.”

Templin says they will be having another free community dinner ahead of Christmas.

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