“It’s therapeutic”: Rage room hit among community

Break glass and smash old electronics at LexRage

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A new entertainment venue in Lexington is all the rage and is encouraging people to get out the pent up pandemic stress. For many people, the last two years have been long and stressful and LexRage offers a new way for people to release that tension.

For co-owner Samantha George, she’s dreamt of opening a rage room to help others get out their anger in a safe, but fun, way.

“I used to be this very angry person, my nickname was Hurricane Sammie, and one day I just let it all out and it was just like everything was just calm, it wasn’t a storm anymore,” says George. “So you’ve just got to let it out sometimes.”

With package names like “Date Night” and “Couples Therapy”, George says it’s fun to see couples come in irritated with built-up aggression and leave with big smiles feeling happy.

George says even counselors have visited the rage rooms and they said it was the most therapeutic thing they’ve done.

“We’re not trying to take or replace from therapy, we’re just trying to add an extra tool for people to relieve their stress,” says George.

LexRage is Lexington’s first rage room venue and people are glad to see it come to the area, some even driving two or three hours to visit. People visit LexRage for many different reasons from letting off steam to a lighthearted birthday outing.

LexRage rooms can be booked through its website linked HERE.

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