Irvine man with disability claims he was discriminated against by Walmart when applying for job

Man with Spina Bifida says he applied to jobs at Walmart that he could physically do but was told no

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ) – A lawyer in Irvine is seeking justice for his client who says has been discriminated against by Walmart. Ten years ago the client, who has spina bifida, applied for jobs that were open and he was able to do, but was told no.

In 2010, Timothy Price from Irvine was looking for work and applied for openings at the Walmart Supercenter in Richmond. Those positions included janitor, greeter and cart pushes, all jobs that he says he was more than qualified and happy to do.

“I talked to some of their cart pushers and they hate their job and I’d love the job because I love being outside,” says Price.

Price says he felt confident he’d get the job, especially because he has janitorial degree in building maintenance and at one point had his own shampoo and carpet business. But instead of a rejection letter, he says he got a call from a manager.

“He called me up and told me we’re not hiring you because of your disability. I was a little upset but I said, “ok” and hung up,” says Price.

Price says he moved on, but the following year he was shopping in the store with his mom, looking at movies to buy when he was approached by a manager and Richmond Police.

“That manager said you need to escort this person out of the building because he’s trespassing,” said Price.

After that, Price tried contacting corporate and when he heard nothing he sought out legal help. He says most services were above his means for someone living on disability, until he met Nicholas Calmes who agreed to take commission instead of getting paid upfront.

“Tim’s a very outgoing person. He’s a very caring person he emphasizes and sympathizes with people and that was the job he was looking to get now the problem is that he was denied that job and he alleges that he was denied based upon his medical condition,” says Calmes.

According to Calmes, there’s another problem, an expiration of the statue of limitations since it’s been so long since the incident. However, Price’s attorney believes that he might still get a day in court because of how he says he was treated as a paying customer. At this point, they remain in the primarily stages of the case. After waiting more than 10 years, Price says he can hold on a little longer to save others from the personal rejection he says he’s felt for years.

ABC 36 reached out to Walmart who provided us the following statement…

“The Kentucky Human Rights Commission dismissed Mr. Price’s claim 10 years ago. If Mr. Price and his attorney file suit, we will defend the company as we have done absolutely nothing wrong. The claims of discrimination are baseless.”

We will continue to follow this story and keep you updated..

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