Iowa couple writes letters from Santa

IOWA (CNN NEWSOURCE) — A couple in Iowa has set up a mailbox for Santa again this year — and they are writing back for the jolly ole man since he is busy, to say the least.

Christmas is in full swing at the Charlton household in Grimes, Iowa.

Along with their holiday decor, you’ll find a mailbox in their front yard encouraging kids to drop off their letters to Santa.

“We really want this to take off, not for us, not for the publicity but just for the fact of the joy it brings,” said Bryce Charlton.

Bryce and Austin Charlton take this time every year to play Santa and write back to these letters.

They’ve been doing it for the past few years.

“The first year we got about 130 letters, then the second year we got over 400 and then last year we had about 180,” said Bryce.

Every letter and toy list they receive gets a response from Santa.

And those letters don’t just come from their neighbors — but from across the country.

“Rhode Island, Vermont and a lot of them were local,” said Bryce.

“Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, New York, we got one from. So, it’s really cool to see that people here are spreading it to other states,” said Austin.

The couple was inspired to start the tradition as a way to engage with the community before having a child of their own.

Now, being proud parents of a 2-year-old they adopted earlier this year they look forward to showing him this festive tradition.

“I think he would love when he gets older to realize everything we put into it to help Santa out,” said Austin.

Santa’s mailbox is at 100 NE 22nd Circle in Grimes.

Families can drop off their letters to Santa through Dec. 18.

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