Horse Soldier Bourbon breaks ground on new distillery in Somerset

Name, founders pay tribute to Green Berets in Afghanistan, nearby training ground.

SOMERSET, Ky. (WTVQ) – In a few years from now, Somerset will be the home of the Horse Soldier Bourbon’s new 225-acre distillery. City leaders believe that it will cost more than 200 million dollars to construct.

Once built, it will create more than 400 jobs, bringing economic growth, tourism, and some history to Pulaski County. For those who don’t know the story of Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey, their origin story goes back to September 11th, 2001. 20 years ago, Mark Nutsch was a Special Forces Detachment Commander at Fort Campbell Kentucky when the attack occurred.

“My teammates and I were training on the Cumberland River on September 10th that night and in the morning of September 11th”, explains Nutsch.

After the attack, teams of servicemen from around the country agreed to go overseas on October 19th, 2001. Nutsch and his team of 12 men were originally the first of the Green Berets to go into Afghanistan.

“When we first received the mission, we were told upfront that we were not going to be coming back because there was very little hope of survival for the entire team. At the time, I just remember Mark saying, “Yea well don’t count on that,” recalls William Summers, one of the original team members.

For the first 24 days in combat, the team rode horseback while rallying the different militia factions in armed rebellion against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

“We united them and raised up an army of over 5000 militia fighters and orchestrated an uprising and crossing the northern provinces,” explains Nutsch.

It is considered a historic mission. After serving in the middle east, the group returned home, earning their renowned name, The Horse Soldiers.

On Tuesday, the original team members broke ground on their brand new facility, close to the area where they first trained for an attack on American soil.

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