“Holy water, holy water”: Pope Francis makes joke after Father Jim Sichko gifts him with bourbon

Sichko is in Vatican City this week to celebrate Christmas mass with the pope

VATICAN CITY (WTVQ)- Father Jim Sichko is on assignment in Vatican City this week as he prepares to celebrate Christmas Eve mass with Pope Francis.

On Wednesday, Sichko met with Pope Francis and presented two gifts to the holy father, with the idea of raising money for the victims of the Western Kentucky tornadoes.

Sichko gifted the pope with a bottle of old fashioned vintage bourbon from 1995, as well as a signed basketball from University of Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari.

Sichko then asked for the items back, telling Pope Francis he wanted to use them in an auction to benefit those impacted.
Pope Francis agreed and gave them back, but not before making a joke.

“I was able to give those to the holy father this morning,” Sichko said. “He joked as soon as he saw the saw the bourbon, he said “holy water, holy water!” And he was very grateful. He looked it over, he took it from me.”

Father Sichko’s visit comes nearly two weeks after doctors found cancerous tumors on his kidney. He says he is doing well and does not need any further treatments.

Pope Francis tells Sichko that he’s keeping the people of western Kentucky in his prayers.

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