‘He is in custody’: Corbin police rescue small pig on … Bacon Creek Road

CORBIN, Ky. (WTVQ) — A small pig rescued by the Corbin Police Department is now home safe after being found on none other than Bacon Creek Road.

The police department wrote about the funny happenstance on Facebook on Saturday — even teasing a few of its patrol officers.

“Corbin Police Officers have wrangled a small pig on Bacon Creek Rd in Corbin. No, we are not talking about Patrolman Chris Brown (or any of our other fine 2nd shift Patrol Officers🐽🐽), but a legit pig,” the Facebook post reads.

But don’t worry, Porky the pig is home and safe now.

“Update: Corbin Fire Department will have to return to their recliners and turn off the smoker. The owners are on their way to pick up the pig,” police continued the joke.

Porky’s owner, Deborah Jones, wrote on the Facebook post that Porky stays at their store in the area but just so happened to get out.

The post has gained over 1,000 likes and nearly 900 shares.

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