Gun shot fired and fight breaks out following not guilty verdict of Jacourie Burns

In January, Jacourie Burns shot lonnie Oxendine, an up and coming Lexington rapper, he was found not guilty by a jury

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ) – Gunshots were heard following a fight that broke out outside the Fayette County Courthouse Thursday afternoon. This came after a jury returned a verdict in the murder trial of a man accused of killing an aspiring rapper in Lexington last year.

In Fayette County Circuit Court,  loved ones of Jacouri Burns and Lonnie Oxendine sat for hours waiting on the verdict. After nearly 2 hours of deliberation, Burns was found not guilty for murder and second degree assault. The jury came to this decision after watching street video of the scene from January of last year, which showed Oxendine reportedly assaulting Burns and then chasing him before Burns shot him multiple times.

Through video and screenshots of messages, the prosecution showed that burns and Oxendine previously knew each other, contradicting the defense’s argument the two had never met. The Prosecutor also noted that Oxendine’s family didn’t turn over his phone to police because of tension in the community and nation-wide at the time. We spoke briefly with burn’s aunt, Deborah Hayes, who was very emotional but also very grateful for the verdict.

“These are very happy tears. I knew that god would come through and I knew that it would come out in the end and I also knew that god would come through for Jacouri. It’s over but it has just begun, God has given him another chance,” says Hayes.

ABC 36 briefly spoke to Rob Eggert after a physical altercation between both sides of the trial broke out. He told reporter that he and his legal team were very grateful to the jury and they believe justice was done.

According to Lexington police that gun shot was fired into the air by someone driving down short street. No one was hit by a bullet.
Police say the suspected vehicle was found later on the 400 block of race street. At this time, no arrests have been made.

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