Grieving family gifts each other with comfort and joy on Black Friday

Lincoln County woman and bride to be helps ease family's grief through Black Friday shopping

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) –  On Friday, people waiting in cars and in lines for doors of Black Friday to open all had one thing in common today. Getting the best deals. ABC 36 spoke with some shoppers who say that’s what makes getting up early on Black Friday all worth it.

“We love the deals. It’s part of the experience waking up in the morning,” says Makayla Richter and Cori Quesenberry.

For other shoppers like Makenzie Isenberg, and her loved ones, her crew had another reason to participate in Black Friday. Recently Isenberg’s family has endured a difficult loss. A couple months ago, her father became sick with COVID-19 and recently passed away. Sadly, the tragedy comes just a few months from her tying the knot with her fiance, Jacob. While her dad won’t be there to see her say “I do”, Isenberg says that he lives on in her memory. One particular memory that makes her smile is their last conversation.

“We were talking about his new car h e just bought and he was so happy about it so yea that’s the last memories I have and then he told me he loved me,” Isenberg explains.

Its also been a difficult time for her mom. To help comfort her, Makenzie, her finance and friends spent Black Friday with her..

“When we keep her busy she is most happy,” explains Isenberg.

Through tragedy and uncertainty Makenzie says she’s learned to make every laugh, hug, and moment count. And, on a day when there’s sales galore, to remember, “Every day” is a “Gift”

“Cherish your families as long as you can because you never know when somethings going to happen you never know,” reminds Isenberg.

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