GoFundMe set up to ‘Help Lydia Get Wheels’

Lydia Aleman was born with Vater Syndrome. Now, her family is helping her and her mother raise money for a handicap-accessible van.

MILLERSBURG, Ky. (WTVQ) – For most 16-year-olds, getting a car is a symbol of independence and growing up. For one girl, it’s especially important.

For most of 16-year-old Lydia Aleman’s life, it’s just been her and her mom.

“I try to be her backbone and just be there and do the best that I can for her. I’m hoping she sees me not just as her mother but her best friend,” said Aleman’s mom, Lillie Humphries.

Aleman was born with Vater Syndrome, as well as a tethered spinal cord and scoliosis, leaving her unable to walk. Despite her everyday challenges, she says she’s creative, and loves art and music.

“I like to draw and paint sometimes. I like to do a lot of artistic stuff. And I’m learning how to play guitar,” said Aleman.

As she’s gotten older, her mom says their 2005 Mazda SUV is no longer working to fit Lydia’s needs. Among the challenges, she says as a single mother, it’s difficult to lift Lydia into the car, and the equipment for storing her wheelchair is broken and outdated.

“I physically lift Lydia in and out of it and also the wheelchair on the back onto the lift, cause the lift’s broke again,” said Humphries.

But their family is looking to make things easier for Aleman and her mother. Aleman’s cousin is the administrator of a GoFundMe called “Help Lydia Get Wheels” to help with costs for a van that’s handicap accessible. Humphries says the van would also help with Aleman becoming an independent adult.

“If I can get a handicap van which will be easier…we can just roll her in and lock her down, then also, she’s 16 now and my goal is for her to be independent,” said Humphries.

As Aleman continues to get older, Hunphries says she wants to make sure Aleman is set up for a successful future.

“She’s my world, you know, and I’ll do whatever I got to do to provide and make a future for her. I want her to know she’s worth it,” said Humphries.

Lydia’s GoFundMe can be found by searching “Help Lydia Get Wheels” on gofundme.com, or by clicking this link.

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