Geography plays a role in eastern Kentucky flooding

Steep terrain with low-lying plains below enhances the flooding threat in eastern Kentucky.

(PERRY COUNTY, KY (WTVQ) While the July 28th flooding event in eastern Kentucky may have been one of the most significant to date, it’s not the only one. This part of the state has a troubling history of flooding, much of it due to the terrain.

Unlike the geography in other parts of the Commonwealth, eastern Kentucky has tall mountains with steep and rugged hills.

It’s extremely difficult to build property on the high terrain, so many of the towns, neighborhoods, and hollers reside in the flat land below the mountains.

Because of this, when heavy rain occurs, it doesn’t take much for flash flooding to start. Heavy rain pours down off the mountains and fills up into the flat land carrying homes and vehicles with it, leaving behind complete devastation.

Angela Gross, a resident of Buckhorn, says the power of this flood wasn’t like anything she’s seen before, taking with it everything she knows.

“You feel like you don’t want to continue almost, probably because you’ve worked so hard for everything you have, and it’s all gone.”

Now almost one week after the flooding, residents in Buckhorn say while they pray another event like this never happens, they are prepared for whatever mother nature has in store.

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