FTC: Do Not Call list grows as robocall complaints drop

(CNN NEWSOURCE) — Imposters are topping the list of telemarketing calls that U.S. consumers would much rather never get.

That’s according to the latest Do Not Call registry list, released on Monday.

It says more than 280,000 complaints were lodged in the past fiscal year about telemarketers posing as someone they’re not.

These can be either live or robocalls.

The callers most often pose as someone from the IRS or the social security.

But it’s also common for them to try to sell warranties, protection plans, as well as medical or prescription-related things.

The Do Not Call registry protects consumers from receiving most legal telemarketing calls.

More than 2.5 million people signed up with it in the past fiscal year, so the list now has more than 246 million phone numbers.

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