Friends, former coworkers remember WTVQ icon Tim Eppenstein

Eppenstein was known for his role as "Happy the Hobo" in the 1970's television show "Happy's Hour."


GEORGETOWN, Ky (WTVQ)- Long-time radio and television personality Timothy Jay Eppenstein passed away on December 13th, 2021, at the age of 72.

While working for WTVQ in Lexington, Eppenstein became the lead role “Happy the Hobo” in the hour-long 1970’s children’s television show Happy’s Hour. He later became a lead announcer for championship wrestling.

On Sunday, some of Eppenstein’s friends and former coworkers came together to remember him during a memorial celebration at Golden’s Pub and Deli in Georgetown.

“I worked with Tim Eppenstein for 15 years or so, something like that. And he was a good friend and always made us laugh. He had great stories, was incredibly talented,” said NBC Sports’ Kenny Rice. Rice worked in the WTVQ sports department with Eppenstein.

Former coworker Arnie Harrah became Happy’s Hour second director. He continued behind the scenes of the show through its’ final days. Harrah spent a lot of time with Eppenstein and remembers when his friend was asked to take the roll.

“He was called in to do that show at the last minute. Literally, the station manager put the big shoes on the table and says ‘can you fill these shoes?’ Tim said ‘I’ve never done anything like this before.’ But he just had it. He had something that really worked,” Harrah recalled.

Eppenstein was a jack of all trades when it came to his jobs.

“He was incredibly witty, very bright, pretty much a walking encyclopedia of music. You could plug him in anywhere. Like i said, he hosted a wrestling show, he did weather, he’s one of the few guys i know that ran audio, could run and put tapes in, and load tapes,” Rice said.

Eppenstein leaves behind behind a big legacy, a large number of people who will miss him, and an innumerable amount of memories.

“It’s hard to believe he’s gone. I can still hear that big voice because he’d always say ‘Arnie, my man!’ I just cant believe I’ll never hear that again,” Harrah said.

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