Flood impacted communities in need of housing and help from those with skill trades

Temporary housing continues to be a problem. Those in eastern Kentucky are looking to get help from those skilled in a trade like plumbing and electric for the homes they still have

MCROBERTS, KY (WTVQ) – As families in eastern Kentucky impacted by flooding continue to rebuild those affected, say right now they need more boots on the ground. While there’s been an outpouring of support in terms of donations there’s a growing demand for people with a skill trade who can lend a hand. A terrifying mudslide behind Brian Bowman’s home has robbed him of his peace of mind. However, he says flooding, in his community of McRoberts, robbed others of much more.

“There have been so many people that completely lost their homes. There’s nothing left of them. Just this past week I watched several people’s houses that the demolition companies have had to tear down,” explains Bowman.

A few weeks ago some of the basic life necessities donated to eastern Kentucky included food water clothing and cleaning supplies, but now those impacted areas say the real need as the winter months are approaching is safe and warm housing. According to state leaders housing is a big focus. Governor Beshear says the state continues to look for travel trailers to bring to impacted areas.

“Transitional temporary housing is critically important so that they can stay in their community the kids can stay in their school but certainly that long term build is something that’s going to come down the road,” says Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman.

Instead of donations, Alvin Duncan with the Kentucky Department of Veteran’s Affairs says people can always donate their time.

“There’s plenty of water down there there’s plenty of bleach and cleaning supplies and things like that. I think now we need those tradesmen we need those electricians we need those plumbers,” says Duncan.

While donations of money and basic needs have been appreciated an actual “Helping hand” could speed up the recovery and rebuilding efforts, as these communities work to return to some sense of normalcy.

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