Police patrols in downtown Lexington parking garage begin this weekend

LexPark has hired two deputies to patrol garage where three assaults have occurred over the past nine months

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – There’s a new effort to fight crime in downtown Lexington.  The Victorian Square parking garage has been the site of recent violent crimes, and business owners say they’re fearful it’s impacting their bottom line.

To help, LexPark has hired two deputies from the Office of Fayette County Sheriff to patrol the area during the overnights on weekends.

Business owners like Zachary Monk know parking is where the money is. Monk runs On The Rocks Liquor on West Short Street and says part of that cash flow is making sure customers have peace of mind when parking. However, he and other store managers say the area where their businesses reside has been threatened by safety concerns in recent years.

“It’s reaching for a fever pitch of just violence and tomfoolery,” explains Monk.

The Victorian Square parking garage, located near businesses like Monk’s, has been the scene of two recent homicides, last weekend and in October 2021.

“It definitely has a negative impact on the people coming here for sure. Not a lot of people want to come to an area that is unsafe and that they don’t feel secure in,” explains Boris Busbaher, an assistant manager at Vinaigrette Salad Bar.

“Late at night is where you start to see more of the confrontation. Nothing that usually gets too far out of hand.  Like this past weekend.  That’s the worst-case scenario,” adds Dougie Allen, a manager at a bar and restaurant known as Creaux.  To help deter crime LexPark, which operates the parking garage, will hire two Fayette County Sheriff’s deputies to patrol the lot every Friday and Saturday night from midnight until 4:00 a.m.

This is something Monk says is a relief to hear.

“Anything that the police can do for us is well, appreciated and it goes a lot way,” he explains.

Monk hopes the effort will be enough to deter any would-be criminals so business owners aren’t forced to take matters into their own hands.

“I don’t want to be Batman.  Nobody should take justice into their own hands,” says Monk.

The deputy patrols are set to begin Friday, March 11.  LexPark is paying for those deputies with money collected from parking fees and violations.

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