Everyday citizens becoming life savers

Stop the Bleeding

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Lexington mother who lost her son to gun violence wants to help save others and not just those suffering from gunshot wounds.

Tonya Lindsey is working with nurses from UK to help train every day citizens in basic triage to treat gunshot victims, people who’ve been stabbed and others who’ve been injured at the scene.

The idea is to provide what could be life-saving aid until paramedics can arrive.

“Those minutes can be critical. We have the professionals from the UK trauma center because that’s our trauma center here, they come out, the nurses come out and they do the training. They show you how to assist someone that you just happened to stubble up on that is critically bleeding. They show you how to pack. they show you how to apply pressure. They tell you the proper and correct way to do it to helpfully save someone’s life,” says Lindsey.

Space is limited for the November class. For more information click on the link: SWAG- Sisters and Supporters Working Against Gun Violence – Home | Facebook

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