Election Assistance Commission talks voter list accuracy, maintenance

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) — The Election Assistance Commission provided an update Wednesday on the state’s official voter list accuracy and maintenance.

The EAC held a public discussion with election officials and experts on how different jurisdictions manage voter list maintenance, the challenges they face and best practices other jurisdictions could implement.

Secretary of State Michael Adams discussed the impacts of voters moving.

“You also have the fact that there’s so much transition in America, people moving. Five years ago, just as Alito noted in the first line of the Supreme Court decision about NVRA. 10% of Americans every year move. That was in 2018, Lord knows what it is now. It’s probably a lot higher post-COVID. So these are challenges and we’re racing of course to catch up,” Adams said.

Adams addressed other issues they’re facing like voters passing away as well as those just not updating their addresses.

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