DV8 Kitchen owner’s daughter writes book about substance abuse stories

Sam Perez's book is now in pre-sale through April 30th. It's expected to be published in September.
Sam Perez

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ)- The daughter of local restaurant owners is shining a light on opioid and substance abuse disorders.

“That could be your mother, your daughter, your sibling, your friend, it could be your college professor. Addiction does not discriminate,” said Sam Perez, the daughter of Rob and Diane Perez.

The Perez’s opened up DV8 Kitchen in 2017. They employee people who are in need of a second chance after addiction and recovery. Perez saw the environment that her parents created at the restaurant that sparked her desire to do something of her own. She is now on mission to silence the stigmas surrounding substance use disorders.

“I was really inspired by my parents. Addiction is a topic that they know well. My dad is in recovery. And they just saw how many people addiction affects,” Perez said.

Over the past couple of years, Sam researched, interviewed, and wrote down stories of people in recovery. She didn’t know what to do with all of the stories she collected, until an opportunity presented itself to put those stories in a book.

“I found out about this program through New Degree Press, where you can kind of walk through this cohort and be able to write a book. So I took those stories that I’d written in March 2020 and I was able to kind of start sitting down and writing a book with that focus in mind of what it would be for,” said Perez.

The book, titled Deviate From Denial: Erasing the Stigma of Addiction and Recovery Through Inspirational Stories, is broken up into three parts: history about the opioid epidemic, first-hand experiences, and possible solutions of how to change the way we think about addictions. The book is now just months away from being published.

She’s crowd-funding the book, with a percentage of money raised going towards DV8 Kitchen’s foundation.

“People are getting addicted every single day and people are dying. And I think that its up to all of us to use whatever talents or skills we may have to help contribute to a solution and start that conversation,” said Perez.

Perez plans to graduate from UGA later this year, and has a job lined up as a journalist.

Her book is now in pre-sale through April 30th. It’s expected to be published in September.
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