Delivery drivers preparing to take extra caution ahead of snow

Good footwear is the key when having to drop off deliveries at the door.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Jimmy Johns uses the slogan “Freaky Fast” because of its speed when creating its sandwiches, but when it comes to snowy conditions that same slogan can’t always be said for its deliveries, as delivery drivers have to take extra caution.

Melissa Cartee works for Jimmy Johns…she says the sandwich chain is typically the busiest between 11 a.m. and 3 .p.m. The ‘most’ number of deliveries she’s made in a day? 40.

On a normal day, its smooth sailing, but when bad weather hits, safety becomes the priority.

“Its takes us a little longer because we want to make sure we’re going slower, giving ourselves enough time to get there  but also not putting our own lives or anyone else’s in jeopardy” said Cartee.

Taking extra precautions where she can.

“Some roads I won’t go down if it’s too icy and I’ve walked a couple houses up to make the delivery but it’s just kind of like taking it slower and making sure you’re safe while going down that route” she added.

And she says good footwear is the key when having to drop off deliveries at the door.

“You make sure you wear good boots, good tennis shoes, something that makes it easier to walk in, I like my Sperry boots because they are slip resistant, so it makes it easier for me to walk and less likely to fall down.”

As a previous Door Dasher, Cartee says she felt unsafe delivering in snowy weather, but now, because of the perimeter Jimmy Johns sets for drivers based on store location, it helps reduce the distance a driver has to go.

And she says driving in inclement weather sometimes has its perks too.

“I think in a lot of cases when people order delivery in bad conditions, they tip better saying hey you risked your safety bringing me food, and so it kind of make it worth it in a lot of cases” added Cartee.

She says if you are planning on ordering delivery especially in bad weather conditions allow your driver that grace to get there in a safe manner.

Big City Pizza in Lexington says during bad weather conditions they let the drivers decide if they are comfortable driving and if they think the weather conditions are too dangerous, they will stop delivery all together.

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