Deadly tornadoes spark lasting friendship between cities

After tornadoes ravaged through the city of Mayfield, the Beechwood community decided to lend a helping hand

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) —  They say school championships are full of school rivalries that are defined on the field.

But for the 2022 Class 2A UK HealthCare Sports Medicine State Football Finals that’s a different story.

Last December, parts of Western Kentucky were ravaged by several tornadoes that ripped through the cities.

One of the most impacted with devastation and destruction was the city of Mayfield.

Those in the city of Beechwood wanted to lend a helping hand, so they began collecting all kinds of supplies to take to Mayfield, a city that is over four hours away.

On Friday, both schools met on the gridiron to battle it out for the state championship.

“The school sent five tractor trailer loads within the first week down to help them out because we did they sent out a call and everybody responded,” said the Mayor of Beechwood, Jude Hehman.

The Mayor of Mayfield, Kathy Stewart O’Nan, presented the Mayor of Beechwood with a plate to show the city’s gratitude.

“The better story is that we have a great relationship and it’s about the people of Kentucky and the people of Mayfield,” added Hehman.

“We have not been forgotten,

I heard that at the beginning, but we still have so much help. We are very blessed,so blessed. And this is just kind of a little fun, this isn’t a little fun, this is big fun. So this is perfect, this is perfect for both of us,” added Stewart O’Nan.

Mayfield’s season, ending with a loss to Beechwood, with a final of 14 to 13.

A very close game, but now a lasting friendship full of respect between the two cities.