Day to Day with Lexington Sporting Club

Charlie Machell and Kaelon Fox talk day to day and becoming a part of the inaugural season

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) — For those at Lexington Sporting Club, playing for the team in its inaugural season carries a lot of responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean once in a while you can’t indulge on the little things.

“Favorite food in the south, honestly, in Lexington, me and Foxy [Kaelon Fox], we tried a place called Indi’s, just like a fried chicken place, we’ve had it once and it was, it was pretty good,” says midfielder for the team, Charlie Machell.

Machell and Kaelon Fox, took very different journeys to the club, but one thing they do have in common, is a passion for the sport.

“Played a lot of football, was involved in loads of different sports at school. And I remember going to my first football game with my auntie and my cousin who had season tickets at Newcastle for 25 years. So that’s kind of what got me, got me into football ,” adds Machell.

Meanwhile, Kaelon Fox says, “I’m from Louisville, but I played soccer at Lexington for four years. I played youth club soccer in Lexington for Lexington football club. So it just made the most sense for me at the time.”

Now a days, Charlie and Kaelon are roommates, sharing the field and a home.
Most mornings start at Georgetown College for breakfast, before heading to the stadium for training and practice.
And as leaders on the team, it also means setting the example.

“I went to Kentucky got my undergrad and then I also got my masters. So, having those two things along with having the second job where it’s still in the sports realm, it’s something that I’m super passionate in,” added Fox, on having a second job and a backup plan for the next chapter of his life.

While their evenings may be different both Charlie Machell and Kaelon Fox are both youth coaches, and never forget where it all started, especially with the younger fans.

“It’s a great feeling to have to have young, young players, girls and boys come out and watch the games,” said Machell.

Fox also says, “it’s been really awesome to see them after the games, whether it’s a loss, a tie, a win, I think just going over there showing support, signing whatever, whether it be a shirt or a ball or
from time to time a croc shoe. So any interactions that we can have with those kids after the games, I think it’s going to be important for their growth.”

Lexington SC will be on the road this weekend to face the South Georgia Tormenta FC.

Their next home match is on June 14th, against the Chattanooga Red Wolves.

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