Daniel Cameron shifts abortion stance, voices support for exceptions

(WTVQ) — The Kentucky gubernatorial race is more than a month away, but the race to Frankfort continues picking up steam.

Current Attorney General and Republican nominee Daniel Cameron has always remained adamant about his stance on abortion, and protecting the lives of the unborn here in Kentucky.

But on Monday, many were able to listen to Cameron on The Tony and Dwight Show on Newsradio 840 WHAS.

Cameron was asked about the ads that have been circulating including topics of abortion and the school systems.

During the show, Cameron said he wants to build a culture of life in the bluegrass.

“Obviously you don’t want to see, if someone rapes a child we are going to after them with the full force of the law. That should never happen and if our legislature was to bring legislation before me that provided exceptions for rape and incest, I would sign that legislation there’s no question about that,” said Cameron.

Political Analyst Tres Watson also weighed in on how this will impact the Cameron campaign.

“It can do nothing but help him. If you’re a strong abortion voter, you’re certainly not going to vote for Andy Beshear. So, you know, you’re already with Daniel Cameron and the time has come to pivot the campaign to again, start addressing moderate voters, swing voters, your Trump voters who probably voted for Andy Beshear in 2019. He’s making a play for that for that chunk of voters. I think you see it in his ads. He’s kind of reintroduced himself or it’s not the negative ads anymore, at least from the campaign side,” added Watson.

Cameron also said he supports birth control and contraceptives.

This is an apparent reversal from Cameron’s position in the past, previously saying there were ‘no exceptions’ for rape or incest.

The Kentucky gubernatorial race is on November 7th.

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