UPDATE: Shannon Gilday wants to plead guilty but mentally ill

Gilday is accused of shooting and killing the daughter of a former state lawmaker during a home invasion in Madison County in February


Update from May 12, 2022:

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – On Thursday, Shannon Gilday was supposed to answer to murder and attempted murder charges in Madison Circuit Court; however, his attorney told the court Gilday wants to plead guilty, but mentally ill.  As a result, a new hearing was scheduled for Monday, May 16, 2022.

Gilday is charged with shooting and killing 32-year old Jordan Morgan while she slept in the family’s home in Madison County as part of a violent home invasion on February 22, 2022.  He’s also accused of shooting Morgan’s father, former state lawmaker C. Wesley Morgan, in an exchange of gunfire in the home.

In an exclusive interview with ABC 36 News Director, Miranda Combs, Morgan indicated he wasn’t surprised by the move for an insanity plea.

“I knew it was coming.  It started the very next day when his (Gilday) mother said he was having psychological problems.  If he had, why didn’t they call somebody?  It’s all bull and it’s an excuse to keep him out of the death penalty,” said Morgan.

Gilday’s mother previously talked about the case, saying her son though a nuclear attack was imminent, so he was looking for a secure underground bunker.  The Morgan’s have an underground bunker in the basement of their home which was featured in the home’s real estate listing since the home was on the market.

Gilday’s mom also said her son thought he was being followed by the CIA.

Meantime, Gilday still faces separate charges in an assault case.  He’s accused of attacking a guard at the Madison County Detention Center in Richmond where he’s being held.


Update from May 4, 2022:

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – Murder suspect Shannon Gilday will face a grand jury on separate charges: Gilday is accused of attacking a corrections officer while at the Madison County Detention Center.

Wednesday morning, a preliminary hearing was held at the Madison Hall of Justice. Gilday is charged with 1st Degree Strangulation and 3rd Degree Assault on a Correctional Officer.

Gilday is expected back in Madison County Circuit Court for an arraignment on his previous charges.


Update from April 19, 2022:  

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – Shannon Gilday, the man who is accused of breaking-in to former state Representative Wesley Morgan’s family home back in February, killing Morgan’s daughter, 32-year-old Jordan Morgan, is now facing more charges.

According to Madison County Detention Center records, Gilday started an altercation with a Sheriff’s Deputy on Saturday. The jail’s records say Gilday placed his right forearm on the deputy’s neck, making it difficult for the deputy to breathe or call for help.

The citation says that video surveillance caught the incident.

Gilday is charged with 1st Degree strangulation and 3rd Degree Assault on a Correctional Officer. According to Madison County court records, he has entered a not-guilty plea on these charges.

Madison County Courts say Gilday’s preliminary hearing for these new charges are set for April 27th. He expected back in Madison County Circuit Court for his previous charges May 12.


Original story below from March 9, 2022:  

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – Shannon Gilday’s case is being referred to a Madison County Grand Jury after Judge Charles Hardin found probable cause that Gilday broke into the Morgan family home on February 22nd, killing 32-year-old Jordan Morgan.

On Wednesday, Kentucky State Police lead investigator Detective Cameron Allen testified, saying that in a three-hour interview with Gilday after he was found on February 28, Gilday confessed to breaking into the Morgan home with an AR-15, shooting 32-year old Jordan Morgan and firing multiple rounds into 14-year-old Sydney Morgan’s bedroom, before going downstairs to the master suite, where Former Representative Wesley Morgan was. Wesley Morgan’s wife, Lindsey Morgan, and his daughter Sydney Morgan fled the home through an open window. Gilday also confessed to fleeing the home on foot, and leaving the property in a 2016 white Toyota Corolla.

Det. Allen says Gilday confessed to being prepared to do whatever was necessary to get to the bunker.

“He told me he was willing to kill everyone inside the residence to access that bunker,” said Detective Cameron Allen.

Detective Allen testified that in the interview, Gilday confirmed that the bunker in the family’s home was his target, and that he had surveilled the property multiple times, even trying to access the bunker from a tunnel, prior to February 22nd.

“He wanted to access this bunker so he could secure it for himself and his family and friends,” said Det. Allen.

According to Detective Allen, a call to KSP came in from Gilday’s mother, Katie Gilday, the morning after Gilday broke into the Morgan home. She said Gilday had been missing since 10:30 PM the night before, and had found items in his room that were concerning to her.

Detective Allen says numerous search warrants were obtained during the investigation, including one for Gilday’s apartment in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, where he lived with his mother. Det. Allen says Kentucky State Police found notes on the Morgan family’s schedules as well as how to access the home.

“There were print-outs and directions on how to get to 1266 Willis Branch. There was a handwritten note in Mr. Gilday’s handwriting, that described the details of surveillance that he had done on the property days prior to the event where he was trying to locate a bunker,” said Det. Allen, “He describes the time of day and night when the residents would wake up and when they would go to sleep.”

Det. Allen says KSP also found a rifle-cleaning kit, AR-15 magazines that had been recently purchased, and ammunition boxes which matched the casings found at the Morgan home.

According to the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, Gilday was arrested after being found walking east on the Eastern Bypass in Richmond around 4:30 AM on February 28. A call had come in to Richmond Police of a suspicious person in the Willis Branch Road/Heritage Place area, near the Morgan family’s residence. The Sheriff’s Office says he was walking away from the area when he was arrested.

According to Detective Allen, Gilday had fled to Florida after the home invasion, but returned to the Madison County area, breaking down on I-75 in Georgia on his way. Det. Allen says when his vehicle was found, KSP found an AR-15 rifle, camouflage fatigues, and nylon rope in the car.

Jordan Morgan’s mother, Lisa Foster, sent ABC 36 a statement following the hearing.

“I have already been given my life sentence. I will live with a tortured heart the rest of my days. I didn’t have a bunker, I didn’t have a mansion on a hill, I had my baby Jordan Morgan and the killer Gilday took that away from me.”

There is no information yet on when Gilday’s next hearing will take place. Gilday is being represented by the public defender’s office.

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