UPDATE: Richmond couple on ground in Ukraine packing food for families, soldiers

Kyle and Christi Wells are working with Spirit of Victory to make food packages for Ukrainian families and those fighting on the frontlines

UPDATE MAY 16, 2022

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – On the western border of Ukraine, volunteers with the Ukrainian-based nonprofit ‘Spirit of Victory‘ are packing food for families and soldiers. What once was a wedding venue has been transformed into a staging area and warehouse to hold food brought over the border from Hungary.

“Basically, being here in the western part of Ukraine, it feels very normal. You wouldn’t know that there was a war going on if I didn’t already know,” says Christi Wells. “It just feels very safe.”

Though the staging area feels safe, the food is delivered to areas all across the country from soldiers stationed at Mariupol to cities in the north. Ukrainians like Margarita Varga and Elijah Vasilevsky chose to stay in their war-torn country and help, rather than leave when they had the chance. Vasilevsky and Varga say that in the Russian-occupied territories, a volunteer has been shot while delivering food.

“And did he make it or did he lose his life?” asks Wells.

“He lose his life,” says Vasilevsky.

“So, those are the moments you have, the stories you have a hard time- hard time hearing. And being here is, it’s hard,” says Wells.

The Wells say despite this, they feel a sense of peace knowing they are in the place doing what they feel God called them to do.

“I was a little nervous coming, obviously, you know you’re coming into a country that is in war,” says Wells. “But I had a real sense that this is what I was supposed to do.”

The Wells say they fly back to the states on Wednesday, but the help won’t end there. The couple plans to continue raising money to send back to support Ukraine.

If you’re interested in doing a similar trip to help Ukraine, message the Wells on Facebook at THIS LINK and they will help coordinate and arrange the trip.


RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Richmond couple is getting ready to go on a trip of a lifetime, but it’s no vacation. Kyle and Christi Wells are partnering with a Ukrainian-based organization to take medical supplies and food directly to those in need.

“We’re just local Kentucky people, business owner, a home-school mom, so there’s nothing special about us,” says Christi. “We’re just the ones who we’re just the feet. We’re just the hands and feet of Jesus, we’re just the ones taking it.”

The Wells’ visited Ukraine about 10 years ago, where they helped teach English. After the war broke-out, a friend they met in Ukraine started a non-profit, Spirit of Victory, which is helping the innocent victims of war.

“Two of the friends that we met while being there that Christi connected with and said ‘hey, how can we help’ and they were like ‘we need supplies’ and we were like ‘ok’,” says Kyle.

The Wells’ say watching the war through social media and hearing stories from their Ukrainian friends of men being sent to the front lines with just two days of training inspired them to get involved. The Wells’ have been working to collect supplies for Spirit of Victory like tourniquets, boots, bandages and helmets.

The Wells’ gave their first load of supplies to another couple flying to Hungary over the weekend since Spirit of Victory needed supplies quickly for those fighting. The Wells’ say they’re restarting the supply collection to pack with them when they fly over to Hungary May 11th. In their eyes, no amount of donations is too many.

“We won’t limit it,” says Christi.

“Yeah, we’re not going to limit it,” says Kyle. “We hope to do at least 10 [bags], truly if we get enough for 20 we’ll take 20 or 50 or whatever.”

Beyond supply donations, the Wells’ hope to raise $20,000 to take with them to go directly towards buying food for Ukrainians who have been left in with nothing. The Wells’ say spoke to their church Sunday about their mission and raised almost $14,000, leaving just under $7,000 to raise before they leave.

“I think there’s something in your heart that changes when you know the people and that’s really what it was,” says Christi.

The Wells’ have an Amazon list of needed supplies they’ll take overseas. If you’d like to order something for them to take, click on the link HERE.

Anyone interested in donating money for food can give directly to the Wells’ through THIS LINK or can donate to Spirit of Victory by clicking HERE.

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