City of Morehead prepares for winter weather this weekend

However, crew won't be pre-treating the roads this time around, because of higher temperatures expected Friday.

MOREHEAD, Ky. (WTVQ) – Winter weather returns with a vengeance this weekend and for many it’s coming as quite the surprise.

“I kind of laughed because last weekend my kids were outside playing in their swimsuits and this weekend we’ll be breaking out winter coats again” said Mayor Laura White-Brown.

Morehead Mayor, Laura White-Brown, says the City is preparing for the possibility of up to a half-foot of snow, making sure everything is in order ahead of time.

“We actually, during the last snow we ran out of salt, so we have a shipment in and we have more on the way that’s coming in from Portsmouth. We have our plows out and ready.  We hadn’t yet put them up.  We were very close, we’re kind of at that limit but we do have them out ready to go and the crews are getting ready to work some night shifts because they know that’s probably when the weather will come in also” said White-Brown.

However, she says crew won’t be pre-treating the roads this time around, because of higher temperatures expected Friday.

But, they will be out clearing once that snow does come.

“With the temperatures being so high before this snow were hoping it’s not too bad and definitely not expecting any ice this time” said White-Brown.

Mayor White-Brown says the most affected areas during winter weather are hilly roads and rural areas…and is asking those living in Morehead to prepare them-selves for this round of snow and bitter cold as well.

“Advice that we always give is get your necessities beforehand, whether that’s food or medications, so once the weather does start coming in, you don’t have to be on the roadways. Give our crews and emergency services the time to get roads prepared for those that do have to get our and keep everyone safe.” added White-Brown.

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