City of Paris addresses incorrect high utility bills

PARIS, Ky. (WTVQ) – The city of Paris plans to resend utility bills from the last two months after miscalculations led to huge increases for some customers.

“It usually is a $200 bill and I just got it today, it’s a $680 electric bill. How can I pay that?” says Gloria Boyer, a Paris resident. “I’m 100% disabled, I cannot even work.”

Many people like Boyer woke up Monday morning frustrated and confused. For another man, he says his bill is over 10 times its normal cost on a house no one even lives in right now.

“It went from $46.99 then it went to $67.80. Here’s the jump. Then I have a next bill, which is in December, $443.75 and no one’s living at this property. You hear what I’m saying? No one lives there. This month, $1,122.61,” says Brian Dumphord, a rental property owner in Paris.

The city says it has a process to hopefully prevent a similar issue from happening again but in the meantime tells people not to worry about these high bills as corrected ones will be sent out in the next few days.

“There is a process in our billing that we do a calculation, it’s energy-cost adjustment calculation, and there was an error in that calculation,” says Jamie Miller, City of Paris manager. “So, we had discovered that and everybody had received their high bill. We do apologize for that.”

The city says people can follow it on Facebook HERE or its website HERE for any updates on the situation.

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