Children’s charity provides a day of normalcy for children with life threatening illnesses

Children from across the state spent the day in the Kentucky Horse Park with their families for a fun day.

LEXINGTON, KY (WTVQ) – Children with special needs celebrated being a kid today at the Kentucky Horse Park. This was thanks to a partnership with a children’s charity that creates adventures for children with life threatening conditions.

One of the children from the event spoke with ABC 36 News during his visit to the park. Originally, Henry Hinson is from Louisville and is in some ways different than other boys his age. The 9-year-old gets around in a wheel chair with a condition he’s used to explaining.

“I was born with something called spina bifida. I cannot feel from my waist down to my toes. I can only feel my upper body,” explains Hinson.

At 20 weeks pregnant doctors told Henry’s mom that he had a hole in his spine, a condition that paralyzed him from the waist down and caused him to undergo 21 major surgeries throughout the first 9 years of his life.

“It never gets easy watching a team of surgeons wheel your son into an operating room. It never gets easy to sign consent forms and talk about the what ifs and the what might happen but I think as a parent of a child with special needs you get really attune to living one day one moment,” says Henry’s mom, Erin.

His family says that his condition doesn’t stop him from living every day to the fullest.

“Spina bifida isn’t the coolest thing about Henry. He’s a kid who likes to play baseball and he plays soccer and he loves to go swimming with his brother,” adds his mom.

On Tuesday, Henry and his family were invited to the Kentucky Horse Park, along with lots of other families with kids just like him. The children’s charity known as “A Kid Again” provided the cost free , care free, experience for children who have grown up with a life threatening diagnosis, giving families a break from trips to the hospital and instead bringing them together for a little bit of normalcy to be a kid again.

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