Chambers Road project included in Boone County’s $125 million road funding

House Budget Chair credits Kenner with bringing Chambers Road to forefront

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ/PRESS RELEASE) – Boone County will receive almost $125 million in funding for road and infrastructure projects under a road plan sent to the Governor before lawmakers left Frankfort on March 30. The funding announcement comes as legislators prepare to return to Frankfort on April 13 and 14 to finish a session that resulted in a fiscally responsible state spending plan that makes significant investments upgrading and replacing the state’s outdated infrastructure, including transportation, water and waste water, and broadband.

“I’m extremely proud of not only our community’s part, but also the entire road plan,” says Representative Sal Santoro of Union. “No one understands how important it is to invest in roads and infrastructure like those of us in Northern Kentucky. We know they play a major role in our quality of life and take us not only to work, school, and home, but also to a bright future. This region is a major economic engine for the Commonwealth and our infrastructure has to support that role.”

Santoro added that the road plan, HB 242, includes funding to tackle the flooding issues on Chambers Road. This is an issue brought to his attention by constituents and Commissioner Charlie Kenner.

“It came down to where the county needed the most improvements and what the public viewed as the highest priority,” Santoro says. “Commissioner Kenner was tremendously helpful in working to bring the public’s voice into the conversation.”

Overall, the plan includes $600,000 to conduct a planning study to identify options to safely mitigate the flooding and increase mobility along the road.

“This is great news for our community, and I appreciate Rep. Santoro’s work to make it happen,” says Kenner. “This is how all levels of government are supposed to work together to accomplish what our constituents need.”

Lawmakers will adjourn the 2022 Regular Session before midnight on April 14. For further information about this legislation or any other actions taken by the Kentucky General Assembly, visit

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