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Saturday, September 26, 2020
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VOTE: Friday last day give ‘Kindness Bus’ ride to Doodle Google winner

11-year-old is state winner, has eye on national.

The Lee and Hayley Show

Click on segments below to watch The Lee & Hayley Show from 8-27-20 Segment 1 Lee & Hayley Segment 2  Driving Ms. Hayley  Segment 3 Back 2...

911 Hero

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Hometown Tours

Hometown Tours   cm = new CMPlayer("cm_player_1592586606675").setup({width: 640, height: 360, plid: 36078, profile_id: "b611af00-4f40-0133-8f44-7a163e5e80da", pl_length: 5})

Forcht Bank Skyview

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Mom to Mom

cm = new CMPlayer("cm_player_1584379548725").setup({width: 640, height: 360, plid: 31879, profile_id: "b611af00-4f40-0133-8f44-7a163e5e80da", pl_length: 5}) “Mom to Mom” is a fun weekly segment of practical parenting tips...