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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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We have a situation!

This young boy has way too many situations on his hands.

Hole-In-One nets puppy for young golfer

A young prodigy on the links nails her first hole-in-one, and Dad has to make good on a promise.

Antenna TV experiencing technical difficulties

We are experiencing technical difficulties with our transmission of Antenna TV channel, 36.3.

Tug-of-war ends pretty predictably

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the... oh, wait. It's totally the size of the dog in the fight.

One way to earn a vote

Canadian Parliament candidate Wyatt Scott used some non-traditional advertising to sway voters.

Young Bruce Lee

A 3-year old Kung Fu student really earns his fist board break.

Dog dives off cliff in Malta

This dog had enough of sitting on the sidelines, and decided to get in on the act!

Bumpy landing is a nail-biter to watch

Oh, stewardess... is it too late to get something from the drink cart? Something strong?

Water balloon fights just got high-tech!

When it's time to beat the heat, a water balloon fight can hit the spot. Now, filling those balloons just got a lot easier!

Blue Angel fly-by gets up close and personal!

These spectators got an air show to remember!

Dig this dad dance!

Dad dance like nobody's watching.

Flipping Awesome!

This dog is way too busy to bother with basic physics.