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Kentucky History Treasures

Kentucky History Treasures- Campaign Banners

In this Kentucky History Treasures, Doug High tells us about campaign banners in Kentucky's history.

Kentucky History Treasures- Dueling Pistols

Doug High talks about the history of dueling in Kentucky.

Kentucky History Treasures- Dueling Pistols

On this Kentucky History Treasures, Doug High shares with us the history of dueling in Kentucky.

Kentucky History Treasures- Paul Sawyer

Paul Sawyer lived the early part of his adult life here in Frankfort, Ky and really became known for his watercolor landscapes.

Kentucky History Treasures- Haunted Chest

Does this artifact live up to it's name?

Kentucky History Treasures- Lincoln Watch

Perhaps the most prominent piece in the collection of the Kentucky Historical Society belonged to the president himself.

Kentucky History Treasures- Muhammad Ali

He's not from horse racing or UK basketball, yet he is still a legend in Kentucky Sports.

Kentucky History Treasures

This weeks Kentucky History Treasures tells us about the ups and downs of America's first prison for drug addicts.

Kentucky History Treasures- Doram Portraits

Two very striking portraits help tell the extraordinary story of a husband & wife.

Kentucky Historical Society

A new exhibit' "Poetry in Color" is coming to the Kentucky Historical Society.

Kentucky History Treasures- 1844 Presidential Race

This week we look at a fascinating presidential race, with roots right here in the Bluegrass

Kentucky History Treasures- Beverly Hill Supper Club

This week we look back at a tragedy that claimed the lives of over 100 people

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