Blood centers reach near critical levels after decrease in donations

Although O-postive and O-negative can be useful, all blood types are needed, including platelet donors
Blood Donatoins

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ)- As the summer months continue, blood centers are seeing a decrease in people coming in to donate.

Experts say the decrease is negatively impacting hospitals  and people who desperately need blood, causing a blood shortage.

“Typically, every summer, people have a lot of stuff going on. There’s weddings, there’s events, graduations, and you wanna plan a vacation with your family,” said Remy Kennedy of the American Red Cross in the Kentucky region

Kennedy says the agency saw a 12% decrease in blood donations in the month of June.
Currently, they’re trying to avoid going into a critical blood shortage level.

“We are trying to make sure that we get the message out to people that even though you have a lot on your calendar, still try to make sure that blood donation is on your calendar,” said Kennedy.

The Kentucky Blood Center in Lexington is already reaching those levels.

“When we have a good supply, we usually like to have about a 3-day profile. Right now for specific blood types, we have a day supply or less of some. Even a half day supply. So we are really in need of blood donations and even donors to ac t to help us help local hospitals and patients,” said Eric Lindsey of the Kentucky Blood Center.

Lindsey says blood donations are needed for a lot of reasons, including cancer patients, premature births, and car accident victims.

Although O-postive and O-negative can be useful, all blood types are needed, including platelet donors.

“Don’t worry about what your blood type is at home. If you’re wanting to help and come make an impact, we need you,” said Lindsey.

To help combat the shortage, blood centers are offering incentives to help get people in the door.

“If you donate now between now and September 10th, you’ll be eligible for a 2022 Toyota Rav4,” said Lindsey. \

The blood center is also offering gift cards and free t-shirts.

Both organizations are accepting walk ins for those who want to help.

“It’s something that doesn’t cost any money. It just costs a little bit of your time. And it’s a very small amount of time. The actual process takes about 30-45 minutes from the time you walk in our doors to the time you leave,” said Lindsey.

“Especially if you haven’t given before, this is a great time to be a first time donor and to see that impact,” said Kennedy.

You can find more information on how to schedule an appointment or find locations on our website below.

To schedule an appointment with the American Red Cross, click here.

For more information about the Kentucky Blood Center, click here.


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