Bill aimed at protecting 2nd amendment rights passes on House floor

Proposal filed by Representative Josh Bray

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) On Thursday, members of the House voted to approve a proposal filed by Representative Josh Bray’s legislation that makes Kentucky a Second Amendment Sanctuary State. The bill, HB 29, would prohibit identified entities from enforcing federal firearm bans.

Representative Bray spoke on the House floor Thursday about the importance of his legislation for the gun owners of Kentucky, “Over the past year, we have seen an increase in the rhetoric. It comes from as far away as the Oval Office as the President calls for additional federal firearm restrictions.”

According to the Legislative Research Commission (LRC), HB 29 would prevent any federal firearm regulations enacted after January 1, 2022, from being enforced with Kentucky tax dollars or tax payer dollars. Across the United States, 15 states have enacted similar legislation, according to the LRC. Also 115 out of the 120 counties in the commonwealth have passed similar resolutions. The bill simply prohibits the enforcement of firearm bans. It does not prevent the federal government from enforcing any new law or regulation or prevent the General Assembly from enacting new laws or restrictions.

“We are all too familiar with government overreach. As we speak, the administration is looking to ban pistol braces. A ban on these braces would make felons out of thousands of Kentuckians overnight. Let me be clear: this would be without a single legislative vote cast. We’re talking about law-abiding Kentuckians criminalized by a regulatory change,” Rep Bray added.

The bill passed with a vote of 75-20 and now awaits further action in the Senate.

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