Berea Independent Schools delay start of school year due to COVID cases

According to Hatchett, 14 staff members tested positive for Covid.
Covid Case

BEREA, Ky (WTVQ)- Eight counties returned to school Wednesday, but Berea Independent Schools is pushing back its’ start date due to Covid cases..

The school system was only in-person for a total of six weeks last school year. District leaders wanted to go mostly virtual because of the ongoing pandemic.
So this year, they were excited to bring students back to in-person for the full ride.

“Everything goes back to kids, every decision we make goes back to kids and what’s best for them,” said superintendent Dr. Diane Hatchett.

According to Hatchett, 14 staff members tested positive for Covid. That increase in cases prompted leaders to postpone the school year until Monday, August the 22nd.

“At the end of the day, we did what we felt as a group, as a team, was best. Talking to the different administrators, what we felt was best for kids,” said Hatchett.

Dr. Hatchett says the decision wasn’t made lightly. She says the district wanted to make sure students got the school year off on the right foot.

“Our end in mind is getting our kids on the same page across the board, having them to be prepared for school. To have the best successful year ever. We want our kids to not have an interruption or some kind of disruption when school starts. Once we get school started, and we have people out and they’re sick, as long as its not enough that we can’t get the subs into place or something like that, then we can keep it moving,” said Dr. Hatchett.

She also wanted to make sure staff had enough time to get their plans in place.

“Would you want on your first day, you’re a brand new teacher or whatever, or new administrator to not have all your staff there? Would you want to be a teacher and not have your leader there,” asked Hatchett.

Currently, the school system is following the CDC guidelines, with those testing positive isolating for ten days.
Masks, hand sanitizer, and Covid at-home tests are on hand.

“Once a semester, we will actually accept home tests as an excuse instead of parents having to go to get a test from the health department or pharmacy because we know people have those tests at home,” said Hatchett.

Hatchet says students will make up the days on November 21st and 22nd and the Monday after spring break.





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