Asbury basketball star leads team on and off the court

Senior Autumn Herriford leaves Asbury University as all-time women's basketball leading scorer

WILMORE, Ky. (WTVQ) – “I would get 300 hundred 500 shots a day,” Asbury star basketball player Autumn Herriford says.

It’s that level of hard work and discipline that makes Autumn Herriford the special basketball player she is. 

“I’ve been coaching for about 25 years. Coached guys, girls. She is a phenomenal player. She is the most talented guy or girl I’ve ever coached,” Asbury head coach Chad Mayes says.

With a career 1,675 points, Autumn sits atop Asbury University as the school’s all-time leading scorer. A feat the Lexington native could only imagine accomplishing in her hoop dreams. To make it come true, Autumn worked hard to develop her game, but it’s her growth as a person that brings her the most joy.

“I’ve really appreciated the time I’ve had to grow here,” Herriford says. “To grow as a person. As a basketball player. The whole package is what I’ve been proud of.”

She definitely has the whole package. The six foot swiss army knife led Asbury in rebounds and assists. For the majority of the season, one stat she didn’t lead the team in ironically was points! Crazy right? But that’s because she didn’t want to focus on getting buckets. Instead she wanted to instill confidence in her team. 

“That’s just her,” Mayes says. “Sometimes her teammates would throw it to her and she would throw it back to them. Somebody has to shoot the ball you know. She does a great job of that.”

Autumn’s assists extend beyond the basketball court. She mentors students in Jessamine county and has traveled to other countries to help those in need. 

“Just as much as we poured into their lives, they poured into ours too,” Herriford says.

Autumn’s playing days at Asbury are now over. She leaves school not only leaving her mark on her teammates and the community, but the man whose job is to make a difference in her life. Head coach Chad Mayes.

“I couldn’t imagine the last five years of my life not having her here,” Mayes explaines. “She brings joy and comes over. She hangs out with my kids. She literally is like another daughter to me.”

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