Adams: Kentucky voter registration surges in August

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) — After two years of flatlined voter registration, Kentucky is seeing a surge with nearly 10,000 people registering to vote in August, Secretary of State Michael Adams says.

August saw 9,631 voters registering in Kentucky.

Republican registrants account for 45.3 percent, with 1,618,444 voters, an increase of 3,266 voters. Democratic registrants account for 44.9 percent, a decrease of 1,099 voters. Voters registered as Independent or with other affiliations account for 9.8 percent. “Other” registration increased by 2,191 voters or .63 percent.

Voters who are not Republicans or Democrats remain the fastest-growing share of the electorate, according to Adams.

In August as well, 5,373 voters were removed from the rolls: 4,189 voters who died, 677 voters who were convicted of felonies, 412 voters who moved out of state, 65 voters adjudged incompetent, 29 voters who voluntarily de-registered and 1 duplicate registration.

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