UPDATE: Man accused of killing Floyd County Officers and K-9 pleads not guilty in court today

Currently Lance Storz is indicted on 20 charges

UPDATE: (08/08/22)

FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- The man accused of killing three police officers, a police K-9, and injuring four other officers during an ambush in Floyd County has pleaded not guilty.

Lance Storz faces a slew of charges, including three counts of murder , six counts of attempted murder, two counts of assault, seven counts of wanton endangerment, and assault on a service animal.

Officers were trying to serve Storz and emergency protection order when they were ambushed at Storz’s home in Allen.

In the days leading up to the shootout, Storz is accused of holding a woman hostage inside his home.

Since the shooting, all three officers and the k-9 have been laid to rest in Prestonsburg.

Storz is due back in court is for his pre-trial hearing in February of 2023.


UPDATE: (071222)

FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – On Tuesday, Lance Storz, the accused of killing three police officers and a police K-9 in Allen last month appeared in court virtually. Storz was scheduled to be arraignment on August 1st. Until then, the judge took away his multi-million dollar bond to ensure that Storz will be in court three weeks from now. Storz is accused of shooting at officers delivering an emergency protective order on June 30th. Three police officers and a k-9 died and several others were injured. He’s facing 20 charges including murder, assault and wanton endangerment.

ABC 36 spoke with the Commonwealth Attorney Brent Turner on Monday who says the death penalty very well could be on the table for Storz.

“When a case is what they call death eligible or the aggregator that’s required to make it death eligible there is the possibility of some enhanced penalties and those include life without the possibility of parole ever and life without the possibility of parole for 25 years. This one case would fall in the criteria to meet to possibly seek either death or life without the possibility of parole,” says Commonwealth Attorney Brent Turner.

Storz will be back in court August 1 for his arraignment. After that, a preliminary hearing will follow a couple weeks later. However, a trial could take a couple years.


FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – On Monday the man accused of killing three police officers on June 30th, was indicted by a grand jury. Lance Storz was scheduled to appear in Floyd County District Court for a preliminary hearing. Instead, a four-page indictment was handed down. Storz is now facing 20 charges including murder, attempted murder, assault and wanton endangerment.

As ABC 36 News has reported, state police say officers tried to serve Storz with an emergency protective order, but were met with gunfire. Floyd County sheriff john hunt calling it an ambush — saying the standoff with officers lasted several hours. Three officers would die in that shooting including Floyd County Sheriff’s Deputy William Petry, Prestonsburg police captain Ralph Frasure and Prestonsburg police officer Jacob Chaffins along with police k-9 Drago.

Storz had a not guilty plea entered for him during his first court appearance July 1-st.
As for what comes next, the commonwealth attorney says it should include weighing the options for the death penalty if Storz is convicted.

“There’s just a tremendous amount of evidence that has to be gone through. We’re talking about guns, ballistic evidence, witness interviews, electronic evidence things have to be sent off to the lab.  I understand what the public is saying because we know what happened but that’s not how the investigation approached the case and its not how we approach it,” says Brent Turner, the Commonwealth Attorney for Floyd County.

County Attorney, Keith Bartley, who was one of two hundred witnesses on June 30th believes Storz is a case that has earned the death penalty.

“The impact not just on the three people that he murdered..And make no doubt there’s no question about his guilt..He has admitted his guilt and so if you ask me do I think the death penalty is appropriate from the prospective of not being the prosecutor in that case..I absolutely do believe the death penalty is appropriate,” says Bartley.

Lance Storz is expected to appear in court virtually on Tuesday in Floyd County for an initial appearance. He is still being held on a multi-million dollar bond.

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