25 horses killed in barn fire, donations pour-in for farm

Scott County firefighters say the barn had already burned to the ground when they arrived at Brannon Farm on Sunday

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – In Scott County, a barn fire early Sunday morning has devastated the riding community. The fire department says, the barn at Brannon Farm burned to the ground, killing 25 horses. 15-year-old Elena Jordan describes the community at Brannon Farm as “close-knit” and “a family”.

“Anybody in the horse community really knows how strong of a family it is and having a fire at a barn is really devastating,” says Jordan. “We lost 25 horses in it and there’s 24 people who feel the exact same way as me.”

Jordan says when her parents told her about the fire, she instantly knew something else was wrong. Her horse, Cash, was one of the 25 killed in the fire. Jordan says she’s had Cash for about three years and he was her first horse.

“He’s taken me to every single- every single horse show I’ve ever gone to and taught me everything I know,” says Jordan. “I mean, he was just the best horse there is out there. Super sweet and gentle and would never hurt a thing.”

Some in the riding community say Brannon Farm is just trying to take things day by day right now and many in the community say they’re still reeling over what happened.

“It is a very long process but we will slowly get through this together as a community,” says Jordan.

Jordan says Brannon Farm was full of history and while not every person may care about what was lost, it’s meant the world to their barn family.

“Not even just the people who had their horses inside, but everybody who’s been involved with that barn or anybody who’s indirectly related to this barn I think is really devastated to see this happen,” says Jordan.

Investigators were back at the scene Monday trying to figure out the cause of that fire. Meantime, a GoFundMe has been set up to help Brannon Farm rebuild. It’s already raised close to $70,000 towards the $100,000 goal. The link to donate can be found HERE.

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