24 UK employees on administrative leave over COVID-19 policy

146 students found non-compliant

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The University of Kentucky has placed 24 employees on administrative leave without pay for not complying with COVID-19 testing policies. According to UK spokesperson Jay Blanton, 146 students were also found non-compliant with the university’s testing and vaccination requirements, since the beginning of the semester.

“This is out of 26,523 students who are coming to campus and are required to either vaccinate or test as of 11/9/2021,” explained Blanton.

Despite that, Blanton says those people makeup a very small portion of the university population, saying they’ve had, “remarkable compliance.”

According to Blanton, if an employee or student is not vaccinated, they’re required to get tested for COVID-19 weekly or face disciplinary action. He says no students have been suspended for not being compliant, however, 146 students found out of compliance since the beginning of the semester will receive an interim suspension at the start of the spring semester if they don’t get into compliance with university protocols.

“They will get notice this week that they will be on suspension next semester if they do not get into compliance with our protocols,” said Blanton. “This is consistent with how we have handled some other suspensions, which start at the beginning of a semester in some cases.”

Blanton added, “Keep in mind that about 90 percent of students in that highest level of non-compliance are, in large measure, not coming to campus.”

As for employees, Blanton said 24 have not been compliant since the beginning of the semester out of 20,710 employees who are eligible and required to do so as of November 9, 2021.

Blanton said 90% of campus is vaccinated currently.

According to Blanton, “There are different sanctions throughout the non-compliance levels, but the bottom line is that students who have been non-compliant throughout the process have been unable to register for spring classes, have been prohibited from athletic and certain other campus events and have had access to buildings and meal plans turned off.”

As for next steps, Blanton said they are discussing with elected students, faculty and staff with respect to sanctions.

Here’s a breakdown of students and employees found out of compliance as of last week:


Level 3 – 52

Level 4 – 75

Level 5 – 69

Level 6 – 70

Level 7 – 146


Level 1 – 16

Level 2 – 9

Level 3 – 8

Level 4 – 5

Level 5 – 5

Level 6 – 24


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