State Education Committee discusses Critical Race Theory in schools


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – State lawmakers met Tuesday to discuss Critical Race Theory in public schools.

What is critical race theory?

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It’s an academic concept that examines how racism is deeply embedded in society – particularly through the justice system.

A member of the American Enterprise Institute, Ian Rowe, spoke to the committee Tuesday. He previously headed schools districts in New York.

Rowe said he thinks Critical Race Theory can be discussed in class, but it shouldn’t overshadow, or be combined with the achievement gap in the state.

“The thing that I think is challenging for us is what I call this mono-causal thinking, which is that we presume that if there is a disparity, then the sole, or significantly dominant factor, is this one thing,” Rowe said.

Parents also spoke out and said they feel their children are being forced to learn Critical Race Theory in public schools.

“Our schools are spending a lot of time, money and resources on social justice issues and current events, while failing to expose students to high quality literature and foundational skills,” one parent said.

“I am here to speak against the indoctrination of my children with theories and ideologies,” Miranda Stovall said.

Representative Tina Bojanowski, a Democrat from Louisville, said she believes in transparency between parents and teachers, but she disagrees with the idea students are being indoctrinated.

Lawmakers won’t be in session until next year, but at least two bills have been pre-filed that would ban Critical Race Theory from public school curriculum.

Kentucky wouldn’t be the first. At least 29 states have filed some type of legislation regulating, or banning, Critical Race Theory in schools.