UPDATE: Gray overrules engineers, orders traffic signal in Eubank


UPDATE POSTED 2:40 P.M. JULY 22, 2021

EUBANK, Ky. (WTVQ) – State Transportation Secretary Jim Gray has used his executive authority to overrule department engineers and order a traffic signal installed at a dangerous intersection in Eubank, fulfilling the wishes of residents of the small town who have sought a light there for 30 years.

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The change could be completed in three months, according to Gray.

“The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the citizens of Eubank have long agreed that continued improvements are needed to address the intersection of U.S. 27 and KY 70 in Pulaski County. While work has been done in the past to improve safety at this location, on-going alternatives have also been considered to curb crashes at the intersection,” Gray said in a statement.

“Recently, the Governor asked me to reanalyze the Transportation Cabinet’s plan on moving forward. After much consideration about the path forward to address the concerns at this particular crossing, I am acting on my authority as Secretary to authorize a signalized traffic intersection. Traffic signals will provide a familiar and faster way to implement traffic improvements. Advanced warning flashers will also be installed ahead of the signalized intersection to warn drivers of the upcoming stop. We expect to implement the changes in less than three months.

“The option originally proposed by our engineers called for an RCUT, and this solution still has a place in Kentucky to provide innovative, effective safety improvements. As is true for any improvement project, motorists have a role to play behind the wheel to ensure safe roadways, like obeying posted speed limits, driving sober and driving distraction-free,” Gray concluded.


EUBANK, Ky. (WTVQ) – Residents of a Pulaski County community didn’t hear what they wanted Thursday night.

Engineers told a packed house the state is going forward with a U-Turn pattern to improve safety at the intersection (Eubank – Google Maps) of Highways 27 and 70 in Eubank, which straddles the Pulaski and Lincoln county lines.

Work n the changes could start as soon as Aug. 1, state Transportation Cabinet engineers told the crowd.

About half the crowd, some wearing “Light Up Eubank” T-shirts, left the meeting in frustration at the state’s announcement.

But others stayed to make their push during the almost three-hour session.

And several expressed passion for the cause, warning state engineers and leaders that if another tragedy happens, they will “go county to county” to make sure they lose their jobs.

They say they hope the U-turn construction becomes just the beginning and the state realizes the need for a light.

The intersection has seen two fatalities this year and a crash last week left two teenagers seriously injured.

Residents want a traffic signal and say the two-year-old statistics the state used to make its decision for the R-Turn option already are outdated.

They say log trucks, increased traffic, a school and speeding vehicles increase the danger, especially on Highway 27, which runs north-south through the community of abut 400 people.

The rad has become an alternate route for many motorists trying to avoid construction and other delays on I-75. In addition, tourists often use the route as a scenic alternative to the interstate.


EUBANK, Ky. (WTVQ) – Change may finally be coming to a dangerous Kentucky intersection.

Drivers who travel Highway 27 through Eubank in Pulaski and Lincoln counties say it’s been the scene of heart-breaking accidents for decades, one of which happened just last week and involved two Pulaski County teenagers.

For 30 years, Eubank residents have advocated the state add a traffic light to the intersection of Highway 27 and 70. After two sisters were killed earlier in the year at the intersection, residents created a Change.org petition.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet wants to add a Restricted Crossing U-Turn, similar to a much smaller intersection in London, Kentucky. However, residents are adamant that a traffic light would better help the intersection due to the large volume of traffic it experiences.

“My opinion is that we need a light here, for the school buses and the safety of the kids. I’ve had family members that have been hurt and people I’ve known have been hurt at this intersection,” said Eubank resident Kevin Estes.

“I haven’t had a wreck there, but there’s been several close calls,” said Eubank resident Mary Todd.

Thursday night, the town is holding a community meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Senior Citizens Center to discuss their concerns with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.