Blameless Children group brings support and resources to families battling addiction


VERSAILLES, Ky. (WTVQ) – The group called Blameless Children is made up support and resources to help families fight addiction.

On saturday, the organization hosted its 4th annual event.

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Originally, the group was established by a former addict who wanted to help families fight addiction.

The organization also provides a support system for children of addicted parents.

Children like 11 year old Jayla Carter knows all about addiction. Both of her parents were active addicts at one point.

Through the organization she’s found comfort and support.

“My mother and father were in active addiction together I was kind of raised by my grandparents. I would always be late for school and it was really confusing because I would see random people show up at my door and I would have no idea what’s going on,” explains Carter.

Some of the services the group provides include resources for sober living and placement for detox.