Kentucky teachers look to future with electric vehicle building


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Some teachers got some pretty cool training Tuesday and that’ll mean pretty cool learning for some fourth, fifth and sixth-graders this fall.

The University of Kentucky and Greenpower USA teamed up to show teachers how to build electric cars. Teachers will take their training and their cars back to the classroom this fall. They also got to show off some of their competitive spirit.

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“We have a lot of excitement with the kids. They show up to race day ready to go. Sometime it’s a little bit harder to get the teachers to calm down a little bit,” said President of Greenpower USA Drew Sparks.

John Moore, principal at Ashland Elementary school, stated, “However, I will let you know that we are competitive and we’re planning on winning!”

GEN-EV, a STEM education training program, also took part in the partnership.