Lexington ‘Sunrise Movement’ pushes for climate and economic justice


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Young activists with the Sunrise Movement organization in Lexington are pushing for change.

The Sunrise Movement is a national call to stand up in the fight for bringing climate change to center stage in America…with hubs like Lexington’s all across the United States.

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“We’re here to educate the community about the importance of the green new deal, good jobs for all and of a policy called the climate civilian core that we are trying to get Joe Biden to pass in the national legislature right now” said organizer Sofia Wu.

The organization held a ‘Teach In’ Sunday to educate community members and those interested in the sunrise movement on climate change, racial justice and economic justice.

A panel of local leaders and other organizations spoke to those at the event…answering questions and providing their own insight.

“It really goes to show this is something people care about, something people are willing to stand in the rain for, something people are willing to experience sporadic weather which is a result of climate change” added Wu.

For Karl Thomas…a new member of the group…says she was drawn to the Sunrise Movement for a long time and finally decided to join.

“I’ve seen their social media presence that’s how I first found them and seeing their change and how other people’s decisions were based off what they’ve seen here” said Thomas.

She says she is excited for the opportunity to learn more and make change herself.

“By being a part of this, I really want to work with legislators and things like that, change within our community by maybe small movements” said Thomas.

The organization has a welcome call scheduled for later this month, but you can keep up with everything they are doing on their social media pages.