Southern Dunbar, STEAM students win state Technology competition awards


LEXINGTON, Ky. (Press Release) – Technology Student Association club members from Fayette County Public Schools earned multiple awards in the Technology Student Association’s 2021 state competition, which went virtual amid COVID-19 precautions.

Middle school division

Southern Middle School

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  • CAD Foundations: 1st place to Owen Cornett
  • Career Prep: 2nd to Parker Williams and 3rd to Wyatt Poynter
  • Challenging Technology Issues: 1st to Adelynn Cornett and Faith Davis; and 2nd to Elijah Eppley and Jack Stanko
  • Children’s Stories: 2nd to Zoe Eppley, Lily Fields, Brighit Riedmuller, Phoebe Risko, and Adelynn Cornett
  • Coding: 1st to Lily Fields and Phoebe Risko
  • Cybersecurity: 1st to Finley Insko and 2nd to Jack Risko
  • Digital Photography: 1st to Brighit Riedmuller and 3rd to Colleen Riedmuller
  • Dragster: 1st to Jack Risko and 2nd to Conner Insko
  • Essays on Technology: 1st to Faith Davis
  • Flight: 1st to Jonathan Coupal, 2nd to Jack Stanko, and 3rd to Jackson Hatfield
  • Forensic Technology: 2nd to Adelynn Cornett and Wyatt Poynter
  • Inventions & Innovations: 1st to Zoe Eppley, Conner Insko, and Finley Insko
  • Leadership Strategies: 1st to Faith Davis, Colleen Riedmuller, and Phoebe Risko
  • Prepared Speech: 1st to Faith Davis and 3rd to Zoe Eppley
  • Problem Solving: 3rd to Finley Insko and Jack Podsedly
  • Promotional Marketing: 1st to Jackson Hatfield and 2nd to Jonathan Coupal
  • Tech Bowl: 1st to Owen Cornett, Jonathan Coupal, and Wyatt Poynter; 2nd place to Emilee Baker, Jack Podsedly, and Parker Williams; and 3rd to Zoe Eppley, Brighit Riedmuller, and Colleen Riedmuller
  • Video Game Design: 2nd to Jackson Hatfield and Wyatt Poynter
  • Website Design: 1st to Rylan Chau, Jonathan Coupal, and Jack Risko; and 3rd place to Adelynn Cornett, Owen Cornett, and Parker Williams

High school division  

Paul Laurence Dunbar High School

  • Architectural Design: 1st place to Alex Kolyaskin and 2nd to Emma Conley, Sarah Lin, and Graeme Miracle
  • Biotechnology Design: 1st to Ellen Fei and Camden Richardson; and 3rd place to Jason Chen, Aaron HuSun, Jeffery Li, and Agil Maharramov
  • Board Game Design: 1st to Jonah Hubert, Allie Neltner, Eli Park, and Camden Richardson
  • Coding: 1st to Nyx Harris Palmer and Joey Ilagan
  • Debating Technological Issues: 2nd to Wenbo Fan and Emily Xiao
  • Essays on Technology: 2nd to Ellen Fei
  • Extemporaneous Speech: 1st to Emily Xiao
  • Forensic Science: 2nd to Wenbo Fan and Angela Wang
  • IT Fundamentals: 2nd to Krishna Bhatraju
  • Prepared Presentation: 1st to Emily Xiao
  • Technology Bowl: 2nd to Owen Cai, Tristan Herzog, and Daryen Rodriguez Saucedo
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: 3rd to Aaron HuSun and Jeffery Li
  • Video Game Design: 1st to Nyx Harris Palmer and Joey Ilagan

STEAM Academy

  • Children’s Stories: 1st place to Lordina Mensah, Lindsey Sizemore, and Olyvia Telfair
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing: 3rd to Maddie Bragg-Henderson and Tresor Fayida

This summer’s next-level competition is also online, and results will be announced during the June 23-25 2021 National TSA Conference.